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Boostgram – The Best Instagram Follow Bot

Best Instagram Bot

This neat startup originated right here in our coworking space.

Whether you are on Instagram to post pictures, promoting a personal business, or you just like to snap images for pleasure; there is one particular goal you’re trying to reach and that’s to get more followers. This Instagram bot helps by following and liking the certain criteria you set. This software is Boostgram and here’s what it can do for you:

Boostgram, the best Instagram follow bot, is one of the only genuine pieces of software on the internet that actually increases your followers on Instagram. A lot of websites boast the claim that they can increase followers, but they fail to back-up it up. This Instagram follow bot delivers exactly what it promises, and that’s to get more followers.

A great thing about Boostgram in comparison to other software, is that Boostgram increases your organic followers. In this context, organic means real people. This is opposed to the majority of competitor software that might give you some extra followers, but they’re fake accounts.

Boostgram comes with this impressive feature allowing you to schedule your posts. This caters for an impressive level of customization and it means your future posts can be uploaded at a time when more people are likely to be online to view whatever pictures you upload.

The software also offers the ability to hone in on a certain target audience giving you total control of the type of exposure you receive. This is very handy if your pictures focus on a specific niche such as Thai food. The Boostgram software can help you reach out to other Thai food fans (or whatever your particular niche is) and get you more followers and likes from this area.

Another great feature is the location-specific targeting that Boostgram has built into the software. This means that you can hone in on a certain location to ensure your pictures reach out to only people in that location. This is a great feature for businesses that want to get the word out there for a new product or service coming to a certain area.

No download. You don’t need to download anything for the Boostgram software to work. This is a professional web application that has its own dedicated servers, negating the need to download or install anything on your personal computer or other device.

Customized gender targeting. with Boostgram, you can even hone in on a particular gender. This is great for personal accounts or business accounts that are targeted at a certain gender. For example, if you run a make-up company, you will obviously want to spread the word about your products to a female audience.

Allows for multiple accounts. With Boostgram, you are not limited to increasing your followers on a single Instagram account. The nifty dashboard allows you to add multiple accounts to gain Instagram followers.

Responsive mobile design. The issue with a lot of websites these days is mobile responsiveness. Some websites run poorly on smart phone devices, meaning that they are either difficult or impossible to use. Boostgram does not have this issue. It runs smoothly and effectively providing a seamless user experience regardless of what device you use to access the website.

Incredible support system. It is always reassuring to know that help is available to you whenever you need it. Boostgram comes with a brilliant 24/7 support system. Should you encounter any technical issues or other difficulties, the friendly staff will be there to assist you via either e-mail or their nifty live chat system. It is pleasing to know that your questions will be answered promptly and thoroughly.

If you want to gain Instagram followers, it is a no-brainer to make use of this website. It combines all the features you would want in a software such as this to provide the perfect solution for increasing the size of the audience that follows and likes all your pictures. Boostgram gets you the level of popularity that you deserve!

Three of the most exciting startups in Oregon

The Oregon startup community is a fast growing and vibrant hub of innovation and business development. It’s not just about the companies we all know so well: Elemental, Janrain, Jive, Pupper, Simple and Urban Airship. There are some amazing startups in Oregon who have a bright future ahead of them.

These startups, and there is a whole host of them, are blazing their own pathways in their respective industries. These “new” companies are poised to grow to the next level. When they do, the Portland startup scene is going to grow rapidly with them.

Here is a quick look at three of the most exciting Oregon startups this year. We will be watching their progress with gleeful anticipation.



With the FAA getting more and more into regulating drones, the legislation and guidelines around drone use is often in flux. Skyward has placed themselves at the forefront of commercial drone management by offering a full service “air traffic control platform” for drones. Features of the platform include; Flight planning, Airspace maps and a Digital system of record.

If you are a small business or even a large corporate who use drones, Skyward even offers a professional and regulatory service which will guide you through all the FAA registration process and get your drones in the air as soon as they possible can.

Skyward also offers commercial drone insurance. This is becoming important since operators in certain regions are required to have liability insurance before becoming registered.



Mirador aims to make it easier for traditional banking institutions to assist small business with their capital needs. By collating information on a client and displaying it in an easy to understand manner, banks are finding it easier to evaluate a client’s suitability for credit. Mirador hopes to provide a way to close the estimated $70 Billion funding gap that small businesses in the United States experience.

The Mirador platform generates a complete loan file, which includes a comprehensive credit memo and a personalised risk summary. The digital workflow reduces paperwork and dramatically shortens the time needed to make a loan.

In November 2015, Mirador closed a $7 million Series A round of financing. This investment will allow them to grow their base above and beyond the 15 Banks and Lending institutions who are currently using the Mirador platform.



Ninety percent of businesses worldwide are small. This means their marketing teams are small too. The problem is that most marketing automation systems are not geared for small teams. That’s where Act-On comes in. Their marketing automation platform is a powerful, integrated suite of marketing tools and resources designed specifically for the needs of smaller team.

The Act-on suite allows small business to manage Inbound, Outbound and Automated marketing campaigns. With more than 3 000 businesses using the platform, Act-On is certainly one of Oregons leading startups.


This is our quick look at 3 of the most exciting Oregon startups. What is most exhilarating for the Oregon startup scene is that there are so many more! The Oregon innovation community is growing rapidly and 2016 is sure to exceed all out expectations.

Adopt the Lean Startup Methodology

The Lean Startup Methodology

The challenges of starting and running a new business are the same regardless of whether you are building a business in New York, or if you are a startup company from Oregon. Building a business is hard enough as it is. Surely there are some things you can do to make it easier, more enjoyable and more likely to succeed? This is where the Lean Startup comes to the fore.

The Lean Startup methodology has become the go-to strategy for some of the most successful startups in the world. In this article we will look at the Lean Startup methodology and see how it can be used to help your business grow.


lean startup

The Lean Startup

The Lean Startup was developed by Eric Ries. He took the lessons learnt from his own experiences and put together a system that he believes increases the odds of a business becoming successful or not.

By following the Lean Startup method, a business founder will learn how to truly drive a startup – When to turn, how to steer, and importantly, when to push through and grow a business with maximum acceleration.

This disciplined approach to new business focusses on a set of 5 principles that are sure to create business success.

Principle 1 – Entrepreneurs are everywhere

This principle shows that we are surrounded by entrepreneurs. They could be working at a big corporate on their latest ideas. They could have come out of college and built a massive business. They could have just lost their job and are starting out on their own. They are the people whose first few businesses failed and they have started on their latest.

Principle 2 – Entrepreneurship is Management

The goal of a business is to grow and become profitable. This requires a team, discipline, and management. But this management needs to be appropriate for the type of business that is being founded

Principle 3 – Validated Learning

If a company can quickly learn what the market values enough to pay for, then they will be able to adapt their business and grow accordingly.

This is the Lean Startup’s most revolutionary concept. Startups don’t exist to make money or serve customers. They exist to learn how to build a sustainable business. This concept shifts the focus from trying to convince a client to buy a certain product, to rather finding out what the client wants – and then supplying them with that.

The steps of validate learning are: Launch, Learn, Adapt, Launch, Learn, Adapt … in a never-ending cycle.

Principle 4 – Innovation Accounting

This is simply the measurement and analytics of the business. This is the unexciting stuff that will make a company successful. This is made up of the measurements you take, the milestones you set and how the team prioritise work flow

Principle 5 – Build, Measure, Learn

This is the way in which a company should approach this task. The idea is to build as quickly as possible after learning from the marketplace. Once you have built, measure the results, take the learnings, adapt and build again. The faster you get through this cycle the better a market fit you will have. Market fit means clients. Clients mean you will survive and build a sustainable business.

So as one of the driven and innovative startup companies from Oregon, how do you use these principles to ensure your business is successful?

Lean Startup gives you a few simple steps:

  1. Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) – Once you have created an MVP, you can begin the Launch, Learn, Adapt principle of validated learning. This involved measuring success and failures, getting client feedback and deriving new solutions to these new challenges.
  2. Take a Leap of Faith – At some point you are going to have to take that leap of faith and launch your product. Without a product in the market you are unable to implement any of the Lean Startup’s strategies. Even if it isn’t quite right – launch sooner rather than later. Then learn, adapt and launch again.
  3. Eliminate Uncertainty – Because many startups don’t have the management team and management principles in place, they tend to take a “do it” approach that actively avoids all forms of management. Lean Startup encourages you to rather create order by having a set of steps and strategies to follow. Lean is not about spending less money. Lean is rather about putting a process around the development of a product.
  4. Work Smarter not Harder – By using the lean approach, a manger is able to understand exactly what to focus on. He has all the research, feedback and experience from the previous iteration of the project at hand. This means you are able to work smart and focussed on a task that you know is the required next step.


Join some of the leading startup companies from Oregon who have adopted Eric Reis’ Lean Startup methodology. Not only will your odds of success be greatly increased, but by using these principles you will be able to get to market sooner, which means your success is literally just around the corner.

5 Tips You Need to Succeed as a Startup Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is an individual who begins a business from scratch. There are several tips that may enable one to easily accomplish the dream of being an entrepreneur and they are:

1. Find a Co-Founder:
There are times when startup entrepreneurs may have a viable business idea but may not know how to build the products for the business. On the other hand an entrepreneur may have advanced skills in technology but knows nothing about business and marketing. These are typical instances whereby looking for a co-founder would be the best way to start a business. Two good heads are better than one.

2. Find a Mentor:
A startup begins from scratch. Money and clients are not the only things you need to sustain your business venture. You must find a mentor; someone who has done something similar before and won, especially someone who succeeded against all odds. A mentor would be able to provide important advice along the line as well as offer good suggestions when you encounter a challenge on your journey.

3. Be competitive:
One thing an entrepreneur must always think about is competition. Products with high demands tends to be more competitive. One of those factors could be pricing. An entrepreneur must always study the industry to determine the best market price and business road map. If your products are priced without consideration of other similar products, then you can be sure you’ll have a difficult time scaling.

4. Get paid upfront:
As an entrepreneur rendering services, there is a dire need for you to maintain an upfront payment policy till your company grows into a considerable size. Never start working until you are fully paid upfront. More so, do not attempt to start work simply because you have been made a realizable promise of payment. Although the idea of not commencing work till you get paid may seem excessive, the easiest way to fold up a startup enterprise is to bear the debt of unpaid services. It should however be noted that this tip is particularly applicable to startups in the services industry.

5. Begin with a Plan:
As a startup entrepreneur you to begin with a plan. A successful startup business would usually have a blueprint. Your blueprint will include the type of business you intend to establish, the type of product that would be most suitable for your business, the type of business premises you would need, source of capital, type of labor required for your business among others. It is better to know all the details before you begin your startup business. Entrepreneurs who had concrete plans have always succeeded better than those with no plans. Have a plan for everything.


Create a pleasant coworking space for yourself and your coworkers at zero bucks spent

Create a pleasant coworking space for yourself and your coworkers at zero bucks spent

Gone are the days when we used to have huge halls and living rooms for a small family with just one official bread-earner. Now is the generation of small apartments with a working couple busily diving into paperwork and laptops for the better part of the day. That’s why we need innovative coworking space ideas which will enable more than one person work at peace within close proximity.

With freelancing becoming more and more popular by every passing day, it is not just private apartments and hostel rooms that need well-defined coworking spaces anymore. Even full-fledged offices need to remodel their workspace to accommodate employees of various different firms working at the same place on different tasks. Hence, people need efficient working space management ideas for homes and for offices.

However, office desk ideas and room compartmentalizing ideas will only work if there is mutual coordination and understanding between the occupants of a living space. You are lucky if you have a spouse, sibling, or a roommate who values your privacy and you must do the same. A coworking space is as much a matter of the mind as it is of physical infrastructure. Here are some tips as to how you and your coworkers can mutually optimize the working space for each other:

  • Ample stationery: The last thing you want is to enter into a bitter race of ‘Who gets the stapler first”. It is always good to have at least 3 units of every necessary stationery item for a space of 5 coworkers.
  • Suitable furniture: You don’t want to disrupt your writer friend by asking for your files that are in his cupboard. There must be individual cabinets and comfortable chairs for every coworker.
  • Wi-Fi connections: A working internet connection is a basic necessity now. Everybody needs it and you must come to an agreement about the usage and bill splitting if your coworkers are not your family members. If you choose to, you might as well talk about it even if it IS your family.
  • Check personal hygiene: Working together becomes very easy if the coworkers maintain their personal hygiene. If your roommate or colleague makes you want room freshener, you might find yourself Googling “Ways to politely let people know they stink.” So, what you can do is, do not be that coworker, and maybe try accidentally leaving this page open for them to see.
  • Check personal habits: Reading aloud, humming away, keeping your stuff all over the place, not putting that pen back where you picked it from, dropping food crumps all around the space, all these are big no-no’s in a coworking space, irrespective of who the coworkers are. So, take care to be cooperative.
  • Be helpful: It does not hurt to pass that paper your coworker is struggling to get his hands on. You can always grab a cup of coffee for a coworker when you’re getting yourself one. Kindness will find its way back to you.

If you are a good coworker, you can demand your coworkers to be reasonably good to you. Hence, these simple etiquettes is the real answer to creating a great coworking space with your colleagues, roommates, or spouse, in whatever little room or big office it may be.