Boostgram – The Best Instagram Follow Bot

Best Instagram Bot

This neat startup originated right here in our coworking space.

Whether you are on Instagram to post pictures, promoting a personal business, or you just like to snap images for pleasure; there is one particular goal you’re trying to reach and that’s to get more followers. This Instagram bot helps by following and liking the certain criteria you set. This software is Boostgram and here’s what it can do for you:

Boostgram, the best Instagram follow bot, is one of the only genuine pieces of software on the internet that actually increases your followers on Instagram. A lot of websites boast the claim that they can increase followers, but they fail to back-up it up. This Instagram follow bot delivers exactly what it promises, and that’s to get more followers.

A great thing about Boostgram in comparison to other software, is that Boostgram increases your organic followers. In this context, organic means real people. This is opposed to the majority of competitor software that might give you some extra followers, but they’re fake accounts.

Boostgram comes with this impressive feature allowing you to schedule your posts. This caters for an impressive level of customization and it means your future posts can be uploaded at a time when more people are likely to be online to view whatever pictures you upload.

The software also offers the ability to hone in on a certain target audience giving you total control of the type of exposure you receive. This is very handy if your pictures focus on a specific niche such as Thai food. The Boostgram software can help you reach out to other Thai food fans (or whatever your particular niche is) and get you more followers and likes from this area.

Another great feature is the location-specific targeting that Boostgram has built into the software. This means that you can hone in on a certain location to ensure your pictures reach out to only people in that location. This is a great feature for businesses that want to get the word out there for a new product or service coming to a certain area.

No download. You don’t need to download anything for the Boostgram software to work. This is a professional web application that has its own dedicated servers, negating the need to download or install anything on your personal computer or other device.

Customized gender targeting. with Boostgram, you can even hone in on a particular gender. This is great for personal accounts or business accounts that are targeted at a certain gender. For example, if you run a make-up company, you will obviously want to spread the word about your products to a female audience.

Allows for multiple accounts. With Boostgram, you are not limited to increasing your followers on a single Instagram account. The nifty dashboard allows you to add multiple accounts to gain Instagram followers.

Responsive mobile design. The issue with a lot of websites these days is mobile responsiveness. Some websites run poorly on smart phone devices, meaning that they are either difficult or impossible to use. Boostgram does not have this issue. It runs smoothly and effectively providing a seamless user experience regardless of what device you use to access the website.

Incredible support system. It is always reassuring to know that help is available to you whenever you need it. Boostgram comes with a brilliant 24/7 support system. Should you encounter any technical issues or other difficulties, the friendly staff will be there to assist you via either e-mail or their nifty live chat system. It is pleasing to know that your questions will be answered promptly and thoroughly.

If you want to gain Instagram followers, it is a no-brainer to make use of this website. It combines all the features you would want in a software such as this to provide the perfect solution for increasing the size of the audience that follows and likes all your pictures. Boostgram gets you the level of popularity that you deserve!