Create a pleasant coworking space for yourself and your coworkers at zero bucks spent

Gone are the days when we used to have huge halls and living rooms for a small family with just one official bread-earner. Now is the generation of small apartments with a working couple busily diving into paperwork and laptops for the better part of the day. That’s why we need innovative coworking space ideas which will enable more than one person work at peace within close proximity.

With freelancing becoming more and more popular by every passing day, it is not just private apartments and hostel rooms that need well-defined coworking spaces anymore. Even full-fledged offices need to remodel their workspace to accommodate employees of various different firms working at the same place on different tasks. Hence, people need efficient working space management ideas for homes and for offices.

However, office desk ideas and room compartmentalizing ideas will only work if there is mutual coordination and understanding between the occupants of a living space. You are lucky if you have a spouse, sibling, or a roommate who values your privacy and you must do the same. A coworking space is as much a matter of the mind as it is of physical infrastructure. Here are some tips as to how you and your coworkers can mutually optimize the working space for each other:

  • Ample stationery: The last thing you want is to enter into a bitter race of ‘Who gets the stapler first”. It is always good to have at least 3 units of every necessary stationery item for a space of 5 coworkers.
  • Suitable furniture: You don’t want to disrupt your writer friend by asking for your files that are in his cupboard. There must be individual cabinets and comfortable chairs for every coworker.
  • Wi-Fi connections: A working internet connection is a basic necessity now. Everybody needs it and you must come to an agreement about the usage and bill splitting if your coworkers are not your family members. If you choose to, you might as well talk about it even if it IS your family.
  • Check personal hygiene: Working together becomes very easy if the coworkers maintain their personal hygiene. If your roommate or colleague makes you want room freshener, you might find yourself Googling “Ways to politely let people know they stink.” So, what you can do is, do not be that coworker, and maybe try accidentally leaving this page open for them to see.
  • Check personal habits: Reading aloud, humming away, keeping your stuff all over the place, not putting that pen back where you picked it from, dropping food crumps all around the space, all these are big no-no’s in a coworking space, irrespective of who the coworkers are. So, take care to be cooperative.
  • Be helpful: It does not hurt to pass that paper your coworker is struggling to get his hands on. You can always grab a cup of coffee for a coworker when you’re getting yourself one. Kindness will find its way back to you.

If you are a good coworker, you can demand your coworkers to be reasonably good to you. Hence, these simple etiquettes is the real answer to creating a great coworking space with your colleagues, roommates, or spouse, in whatever little room or big office it may be.

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