Three of the most exciting startups in Oregon

The Oregon startup community is a fast growing and vibrant hub of innovation and business development. It’s not just about the companies we all know so well: Elemental, Janrain, Jive, Pupper, Simple and Urban Airship. There are some amazing startups in Oregon who have a bright future ahead of them.

These startups, and there is a whole host of them, are blazing their own pathways in their respective industries. These “new” companies are poised to grow to the next level. When they do, the Portland startup scene is going to grow rapidly with them.

Here is a quick look at three of the most exciting Oregon startups this year. We will be watching their progress with gleeful anticipation.



With the FAA getting more and more into regulating drones, the legislation and guidelines around drone use is often in flux. Skyward has placed themselves at the forefront of commercial drone management by offering a full service “air traffic control platform” for drones. Features of the platform include; Flight planning, Airspace maps and a Digital system of record.

If you are a small business or even a large corporate who use drones, Skyward even offers a professional and regulatory service which will guide you through all the FAA registration process and get your drones in the air as soon as they possible can.

Skyward also offers commercial drone insurance. This is becoming important since operators in certain regions are required to have liability insurance before becoming registered.



Mirador aims to make it easier for traditional banking institutions to assist small business with their capital needs. By collating information on a client and displaying it in an easy to understand manner, banks are finding it easier to evaluate a client’s suitability for credit. Mirador hopes to provide a way to close the estimated $70 Billion funding gap that small businesses in the United States experience.

The Mirador platform generates a complete loan file, which includes a comprehensive credit memo and a personalised risk summary. The digital workflow reduces paperwork and dramatically shortens the time needed to make a loan.

In November 2015, Mirador closed a $7 million Series A round of financing. This investment will allow them to grow their base above and beyond the 15 Banks and Lending institutions who are currently using the Mirador platform.



Ninety percent of businesses worldwide are small. This means their marketing teams are small too. The problem is that most marketing automation systems are not geared for small teams. That’s where Act-On comes in. Their marketing automation platform is a powerful, integrated suite of marketing tools and resources designed specifically for the needs of smaller team.

The Act-on suite allows small business to manage Inbound, Outbound and Automated marketing campaigns. With more than 3 000 businesses using the platform, Act-On is certainly one of Oregons leading startups.


This is our quick look at 3 of the most exciting Oregon startups. What is most exhilarating for the Oregon startup scene is that there are so many more! The Oregon innovation community is growing rapidly and 2016 is sure to exceed all out expectations.

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